At MC Basset LLC our mission is simple; we want “To help more people discover great beer”. From our point of view, the best way to do this is to focus our time and attention on creating tools and resources for the one stakeholder in the three tier system that makes beer directly available to beer consumers; the On and Off Premise beer retailer.

MC Basset, LLC began by publishing The 1st Edition of The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands (DBBB) ™ as the first national reference to index and detail all American breweries and their bottled beer brands by style, availability, and by brewery portfolio. With the printing of the 3rd Edition of this Essential Beer Reference we have expanded the information to include all distributed beer brands, including brands in cans, bottles, and kegs. The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands (DBBB) ™ although designed for beer retailers, has proven to be popular with beer enthusiasts, beer travelers, and of course beer distributors.

MC Basset LLC is also the creator of the Style Trends ™ beer selling system. Style Trends ™ begins with beer training/ certification, reinforces this training with monthly newsletters and updates, and then puts this training into action with our online tools and resources designed for proactive beer selling that increases beer sales and margins by helping you better sell craft beer.

At MC Basset LLC we collect, format, index and distribute this information through the DBBB and Style Trends. The Brand information in our resources is provided, edited, and approved by the individual companies or derived from individual brewery web sites (unless otherwise noted).

MC Basset, LLC does not rank, rate, evaluate, or guarantee any of the brands or specifically recommend the breweries listed in the DBBB or Style Trends.